Saturday, March 17, 2018

Flying Mint Class from Grenada to New York

Well it was time to leave sunny Grenada and return to reality. Sad. We did have a fancy plane ride home to look forward too though!

I half suspected the "our rum is so strong you can't bring it on a plane!" line from yesterday was just marketing but sure enough there were warnings about it at the airport.

Traffic was light so we got to the airport with lots of time to spare. We popped over to a nearby hotel for one last little Caribbean experience.

Unfortunately a hoard of cruise passengers rode their identical bikes to the same hotel. 

I think we were just planing on having drinks when I spotted callaloo cannelloni on the menu. It was really good. Callaloo sounds exotic but I think it's sort like spinach.

It was sunny.

We've been on a few free JetBlue flights at this point but never in Mint class! It's pretty much JetBlue's business class, which I think was pretty solid for a domestic airline.

Lydia had fun digging around in her complimentary amenity kit.

We started off with a couple of minty welcome cocktails and a nice little signed note. 

There was a little opening snack of pita chips and callaloo hummus.

So many mint puns.

I tried to concentrate on the menu while the hoi polloi passed by searching for their dirty benches back in steerage.

The menu was a "pick 3 of these 5 choices" situation which was fine because between the two of us we could try everything!

The headphones were pretty swanky.

I watched Blade Runner 2049, which was a great 3-hour long time killer.

I was amused by the tiny turbulence-proof salt and pepper shakers. 

Aruban flan for dessert. It was nice and bready rather than jelloey. Reminded me of bread pudding.

I tried some fun stuff but I also did plenty of rooting for the home team.

I had some milk and cookies before my nap.

It was a real nice flight, and a real nice end to a solid trip. I think we must have gone to all of the worst Caribbean countries early on because the last few have been baller. I have nightmares about the ant infested place we stayed at in Antigua and Barbuda.

We stayed the night again in Queens before heading back to the airport in the morning to continue on to St. Louis. We ordered a horrid, horrid pizza. My idea of New York as a pizza Mecca was really shaken. Maybe so many people live there that even bad pizza can survive?

We brought plenty of rum and chocolate home for family and friends. I'm such a giver. I don't know if my mom knew what to think of the nutmeg syrup.

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