Sunday, March 11, 2018

Amtrak to Springfield

I woke up one Sunday and it was snowing outside pretty hard and I was like "this is unacceptable. Lydia, to the mystery machine!"

Luckily I knew a place where this sort of oppression wouldn't stand. The Caribbean!

I've been going hungry hungry hippo on poor JetBlue's points so I had a pile that would get us to Grenada. They don't fly to St. Louis though, so we decided to take the train to Chicago and spend the night in Springfield on the way up.

Real America!

Springfield was looking lovely as usual.

My parents picked Westwoods Lodge Pub & Grill for dinner. It's got a pretty amusing hunting lodge theme going on.

The menu is this hunting newspaper looking thing. They even have a meal that you can eat out of a tackle box.

I was cleaning out some boxes of junk and I found a bunch of letters from my Japanese students that I didn't have time to read back in the day. They were pretty fantastic. Some highlights:

"John is popular among us. When I met you for the first time, I thought you were amazing." - Sakamoto

"I will never forget you." - Hotaru Iizuka

"Your classes were very interesting and amazing. John's action was amazing too." - Nanaka Kodama

"You are make us smile. I watch you appear on TV."

"I don't like English.... John is very amazing." - Yuzawa Keita

"When I met you, you smiled and greeted. And you always made me laugh, so you gave an energy." - Satomi

"I love John forever." - Ryosuke

"John's mysterious but John's English classes were always very good."

"I like English!! Of course I like John!!"

"John was cute & amazing & you hand writing was cute. John is very cute! I love John!!" - Sekiguchi Saki

I had so many students I still couldn't open all the letters before I went to bed. Maybe I am cute & amazing!

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