Sunday, October 08, 2017

Maine: Clams are Gross and a Lighthouse

On our previous trip to Maine we went on a pretty cool whale watching trip. We saw like a glimpse of a fin or two but never got a good look at a whale so they gave us a pass for a free future whale watching trip. At the time I figured we'd never be back to use it but this wedding gave us a good opportunity. We bundled my mom into the back of our tiny rental car and drove across the damn state to Bar Harbor.

I don't have any pictures of Bar Harbor because when we got there the day's tour was cancelled because the boat was having mechanical problems. I said multiple bad words.

We stopped at the Upper Deck at the Marina for some lunch. It was funny because they didn't have a lot of what was listed on the menu because they were going to close the next day as tourist season was over.

I got a chowder, lobster, and clams platter thing. The lobster and chowder were solid.

The clams were horrid. There's a reason that when you have clams they're fried, or in chowder or whatever. When you order a mollusk at a restaurant you get a mussel. That's because clams have a weird, dirty looking phallic appendage hanging out, and you have to pull the meat from a slimy casing.

The nastiness of the experience was rounded out by a bowl of water with which I was supposed to rinse the meat to get the sand off of it. There was a bowl of butter too, but the meat was so slimy that the butter just rolled off of it. It didn't really taste like anything. Bleh.

I now had a craving for sightseeing fueled by a stomach full of seacreature appendages. Bass Harbor Light was on the way back to Portland so we gave it a peek.

There was so much lichen in the wooded areas around the lighthouse that some of the tree branches couldn't grow leaves. Lichen has a low tolerance for aerial nonsense so when you see it it's a good sign of quality air.

The parking lot for the lighthouse was tiny and there was a long line of cars just sitting and waiting for someone to leave.

That evening we headed to the airport for the flight home.

They had the flags of the world painted on lobster buoys.

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