Thursday, October 05, 2017

A Maine Lobster Feed Ferry

My cousin Brendan was getting married near Portland, Maine. I was excited to see the whole family in such an awesome setting. We visited Maine last September and had a fantastic time so I was hoping for a repeat.

The St. Louis Metro had a cool antique metro coin motif.

The airport has some newish art installations as well.

I recently received the news that I got that job at Anheuser-Busch so we enjoyed a couple of premium quality pre-flight AB products to celebrate.

Landing in Portland at night was really cool. I could see a couple of lighthouse beams spinning around from the plane window. Excited to be back!

We landed, rented a car, and drove it to the Airbnb cabin where a bunch of the family was staying, near Buxton on Bonny Eagle Pond. We arrived well past midnight and were pretty beat. I think from then on I was tired this entire trip.

The next afternoon we headed to the docks to catch a ferry to Peaks Island.

The Lobster Feed was being held at the 5th Maine Regiment Museum. It was a little stroll from the dock so we got a nice look around the island.

This lady looks harmless enough but she's probably killed 10s of thousands of lobsters.

We grabbed a drink and headed down the back of the museum to the water. It was really an incredible view.

The rocks on the beach had this petrified wood quality that a few of us were contemplating.

I was rocking my Bean boots.

Colin and Laure were on booze duty. They did a fancy job.

Things got real when we all put on our lobster crushing bibs.

Kimmy's face turned lobster red. Must have been a side effect.

They were sitting on a recyclable gold mine.

We hit a bar back on the Portland side of the ferry but we didn't stay super long. I was beat.

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