Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Classy Trip to Mizzou

By some large oversight I waited until Zoe was a junior to go visit her at the University of Missouri. 

The first night we ended up at The Penguin Dueling Piano Bar. Things got so real that one of the guys broke out the keytar.

The next day a few more compatriots arrived and we started all over again. We classed up this Mexican restaurant real nice.

We walked quite a distance from Zoe's apartment to the Mizzou game. I don't recall why.

We had the sort of general admission tickets that let us sit on the lawn. Which is fine. But it turns out the lawn is at quite an angle, and our blankets were quite slippery. So most of the game was spent trying not slide down the hill in dramatic fashion.

Us hangin with Truman the Tiger.

I successfully taught Columbia how to college.

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