Saturday, November 05, 2016

Fancy Poker

Hank invited me to a fancy, fancy poker game in the Central West End. It was a big group of dudes, several of whom have jobs at fancy restaurants and fancy fancy tastes. So fancy.

One dude has this long story about how a fancy keg at his fancy restaurant sprung a leak, so they got to keep the beer for free. So he filled up like 8 growlers full of it and brought it to our fancy game.

Another dude brought these fancy pretzels. Maybe the same dude, I don't know. I didn't bother to learn their names, and calling them all "fancy man" got confusing after a while.

Alejandro the owner of the house made this like kale and grilled potato salad and some maybe lamb meat sandwiches.

Fancy man also made sweet potato empanadas.

Local fancy beer company Perennial makes this ridiculously good Abraxas beer that is like Mexican chocolate flavored. This is the first time I've had it and it was fantastic. Perennial likes to torture people by not making enough of anything that people like, so this is the kind of beer you might wait in line and hour and pay $25 for and be really happy with your choices.

Standard, not fancy.

Everyone was like, this fancy feast is missing something... oh yeah, a beef heart.

Dude had a way better international collection of alcohol oddities than even I.

At the end another fancy man made his own Mexican chocolate ice cream. Of course he did. I got third place in the poker tournament out of countless fancies so I was happy with that performance.

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