Friday, September 30, 2016

St. Louis Cardinals' Wild Card Race

The Seagos revealed they were in possession of free Cardinals tickets for tonight and they were down to share. Hurrah.

Not only do I enjoy free things, and enjoy baseball games, but this particular game was "important". The Cards were in the running for a wild card spot.

Long time Cardinals baseball smasher Matt Holliday's future with the Cardinals is looking dim after an injury, and as this was one of the last games of the regular season the team gave him an at-bat. He hit a home run. No big deal. After running around the bases he emotionally gave one of those little cap waves to the cheering stadium. Baseball is so dignified.

I got a Holliday ticket this time.

It started raining in a very light and misty fashion that was just enough to cause officials to delay the game.

We retreated to the Redbird Club for shelter and waited a bit before finally giving up and heading home. The good guys won 7-0 so I felt safe that victory was assured. I really like this area's old-timey tobacco baseball card wallpaper.

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