Saturday, September 17, 2016

Bull Riding at Ballpark Village

Our friends Wing and Joel invited us to Ballpark Village tonight. I sort of loathe the place because it's so artificial and corporate and I think it's hurting the surrounding small businesses. On the other hand I like to hang out so what can you do?

Our destination was PBR Bar. Everyone always laughs when I tell them how disappointed I was the first time I went, thinking PBR stood for one of my favorite brews Pabst Blue Ribbon when in fact it's Professional Bull Riding. Oh well.

The main attraction of the place is the free mechanical bull you can ride.

One of the bar workers was showing off after our pitiful attempts.

Ballpark Village gives away little promos on the Cardinals' away games. This time it was this sweet snuggie. Joel is a Cubs fan so I think this was a big first step toward his recovery.

I don't really know.

Just another night in the Lou.

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