Saturday, February 21, 2009

Some Ashikaga Gossip

We had an assistant English teacher's meeting Wednesday as we have many times in the past, consisting of the three-man Springfield Sister Cities crew and Zishan and Ben, who work under the same contract only through the JET program, and our boss at the Ashikaga Board of Education. We talked about everyone's spring break plans and other pretty usual stuff. Then one of the guys let out a little secret. Joe and I, the guys going home in July, won't be replaced by Springfield people. Wow! Were are going to be replaced with the ones we call "company" employees, people that the city hires through third party businesses. These guys get paid less and have worse working conditions that we do. Our boss conceded that this was true, and continued that it is due to Ashikaga's budget constraints.

Not all is lost for Springfield, though. When the JET guys leave, they will be replaced by Springfield people, bringing us back up to three. Just a little English teacher drama for you.

This time of year sunset hits right before I finish work.

I snuck a photo of a student's backpack. Sure this is a good example of the atrocious English that is unfortunately stylish, but its also a bit of the Obama effect that persists here. I can't count how many times I've heard my kids say "yes we can". Like, who exactly do they think we is? It was especially bad when we covered "can" sentences with the first year kids. "Can you ski?" "Yes we can!!". "Ok.... Can you make tempura?" "Yes WE can!!!" "Can you be a little more annoying?"

The seven-eleven by my place had its grand opening yesterday. They really put it up fast.

A short little animation by Fujio Tanabe entitled "Fridge".


  1. That video is so cute!

  2. Boo ... can't believe they'll get rid of all the JETS. What's the point of going to Japan and hanging out with other people, not only from your same country but town!!!

  3. Yeah, it is unfortunate. I think that the writing is on the wall for the JET program. There are too many people willing to work in Japan for way less. Shouldn't the JET people strike or something? I wonder if they are doing anything to try to combat the downward trend.

  4. The last intructions from JET before I left Japan, was make the schools see why JETs are so much valuable. But the all mighty $$ still speaks louder in the end. I don't think JET will completely collapse though ... they have too many strong links with the Government.

  5. I assume things like retention would be better with JETs, but I don't know for sure. I wonder if they even care when the company guys come and go because they don't pay for their plane tickets anyway.