Sunday, February 08, 2009

Interesting Local Economy Article

Give this Mainichi Daily News article a look. Its a very informative little piece about the Brazilian population in Oizumi, which is feeling some pressure due to the current economic situation. One of the people laid off apparently robbed an Ashikaga convenience store.

I think that Japan was very slowly opening up to a bit of immigration for economic reasons. They needed young people to work in the factories. But without jobs, these people who are already living on the fringe of society are put in a difficult position. I will be watching how this unfolds.


  1. I wonder how often convenience stores are robbed by Japanese people? Sometimes when there is a crime by a non-Japanese, it gets blown out of proportion.

  2. Amen to that. I just thought it was a nice little example of how Oizumi's problems are also relevant to Ashikaga. I really like Oizumi. Its one of the few places that I can get good ethnic food around here.