Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Samurai Parade News Coverage (Finally!)

I'm pretty sure this is on NHK, Japan's public news network. I missed it when it was originally aired, but I couldn't let such a cool little moment go to waste, so I bugged a friend of mine who worked at city hall to somehow get me a copy(thanks Nobue!!). The first bit is unrelated baseball nonsense from Saitama. After that is the good part. You can catch a quick glance of me chucking beans at strangers and laughing my head off about it. The other guys got a lot better look at the camera. Mike's little "tanoshikatta desu" means "It was fun". Its not super important, but I wanted to get it up on YouTube finally.

One thing that strikes me about Japanese television is how much of everything is subtitled. Is it hard for people to understand complicated spoken Japanese without seeing it written? Is it for the benefit of the hearing impaired? No idea. Any thoughts?


  1. I have also wondered about the subtitling. They do it so often.

  2. Good work son, i haven't seen that clip for ages.