Monday, December 29, 2008

Political Unrest in Thailand

I still have a few days of Hong Kong fun stuff to talk about, but there's something happening in Thailand now that I wanted to share.

I am pretty ignorant on the subject, but a few weeks ago political protesters wearing yellow clothing occupied the airport and forced the prime minister to resign.

I assume in retaliation, the opposing red shirted protesters are giving the new prime minister a rough time, barricading the parliament building and not allowing him to enter.

A couple of days ago I was sightseeing in the part of town with all of the important palaces and temples, and I saw a giant gathering of these red shirted people across the street. I know I am supposed to avoid these sorts of groups while in foreign countries, so I continued walking on the opposite side of the commotion despite my curiosity. As I walked, everyone I passed was giving me much more attention than usual. I got smiles and little bows from person after person. I finally realized why: by chance I was wearing a red shirt! Leave it to me to accidentally wear my antigovernment gang colors on rally day.

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