Sunday, December 07, 2008

My Big Test

I did nothing fun this weekend. I was holed up in my apartment, alternating between studying and pretending to study. I wrote enough of those little Japanese hieroglyphs to wallpaper a room. Sunday was my big test, the JLPT. The Japanese test. I woke up super early as I not only wanted to look over my notes but I needed to catch a train to the city of Kiryu, about 20 minutes away. Then a bus took me to Gunma University, the test site.

Even among that group of foreign test takers, there weren't too many non-Asians present. Our lunch break was pretty amusing. A hoard of non-Japanese descended on a 7-Eleven to partake in their microwaveable meals.

The test covers grammar, kanji, listening, and vocabulary with the classic fill-in-the-oval format. I am optimistic about the results.

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  1. I bet you did good!! I know how hard the TOEFL test is for English, so I bet the Japanese test is pretty similar. I will get you a Colombian present if you get a good grade! :)