Monday, November 05, 2007

11/5/07 Rats With Wings

I got hit by another bat on the way home from work a couple of days ago. What's ridiculous is that it happened insanely close to the exact same place that it happened last time. When I say "hit", they aren't smacking me with any kind of force, just sort of swooping down and fluttering around on me a bit. Kissed me the same place as last time, right above my armpit/chest area. Its almost like they are trying to fly through the hoop made by my arm and the bike's handlebars. Whatever it is, its not cool.

Here's a quick clip that I took of the sky above one of the main bridges. The bats were out in force for some reason. Sorry about the quality... it was dark.


Later in the week I found the equivalent of $20 on the ground while I was riding my bike! Hurray! I like to think of it as payment from the sky for taking my bat attacks with such dignity. I'm super tired, but I have several more things that I need to write about later. I've had plenty of stuff going on lately. Later!

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