Sunday, November 25, 2007

11/26/07 Technical Difficulties

On my first day in Ashikaga, by the time I was dropped off at my apartment it was already well into the night. I received a quick tour of the apartment, but large portions of the explanations of things were unable to penetrate the fog of my jet-lagged mind. My only wish was that my escorts would depart so that I could go collapse on my yet unmade bed. When I was finally alone, I sat down on my bed and opened up my laptop to see if I could pick up any unprotected wireless networks. I found one! It was good fortune akin to finding a twenty under my pillow. Well, this weekend the wireless gravy train made it`s last stop. It was like the death of a rich friend. The end of an era. Me and free wireless had a good run together, but now its time for me to move on.

I will go ahead and get my own access setup, but it will probably take at least a week. This is an especially annoying time to be without internet, as Angelica is going to visit next month and I need to make arrangements and do research on travel stuff. Unfortunately my multimedia presentation of my parents` Tokyo time will also briefly be put on hold... Too bad so sad.

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