Thursday, November 01, 2007

11/2/07 Japanese Flea Market!!!

Before last Sunday, the flea markets in the area were but a whisper. I might hear talk of one that had already happened, and on a few occasions I knew of one ahead of time but was unable to attend for whatever reason. This time though, I heard about it almost a week in advance, and I was determined that I would attend no matter what the hardship.

The flea market was at a rather unfortunate time, starting at 10 in the morning on a Sunday. It just happened to be the Sunday after my righteous Halloween party, so getting out of bed took some effort. Bargains wait for no man, though, so I skipped the shower, threw on some clothes and went out the door.

As I neared the sale, I was happy with what I saw. Everything was happening on the flat strip of land next to the river that bisects Ashikaga. There was even a band playing on a stage to one side of the haggling crowds. I was a bit worried because it had rained pretty hard the night before, but today it was extra sunny. The only evidence of the night before was the slightly soggy ground. All of the vendors had simple tarps spread out on the ground, over which all sorts of fun things were spread.

My big (and only) find was a Super Nintendo for around $8.50, thats a pretty good deal even in the US. I found a few games for it too, four of which I picked up for around 45 cents each. I was really surprised how low the prices were. I didn`t even bother to try to bargain, these were the prices that they suggested. The are several second hand stores and a couple of video stores that sell used stuff, but their prices are a bit ridiculous. Right now I am limited to sports games and fighting games, things that don`t require a whole lot of reading.

Here`s my new favorite toy. In Japan they call this a Super Famicom(FAMIly-COMputer). It has gone a bit yellowish, but it still works. One of my fifty cent games was this copy of Street Fighter II Turbo. Smashing someone`s face translates pretty well, fortunately.

So the flea market was deemed a success. I biked home with the welcome burden of my new electronics. As soon as I got home I tested everything to make sure that it worked, and then I went back to bed.

Here`s another one for the school lunch Hall of Fame. The center piece is a dinner roll, fried and covered with cocoa powder, served with a side of mashed potatos that still had their skins. Soup with random contents, including seaweed and a bit of the popular potato-like vegetable, the daikon. Maybe the most weird-the packet of entire dried little shrimps. Heads, eyes, same story. Crunchy. For desert, half of a pear. The ever-present milk box rounded everything out.

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