Thursday, September 10, 2020

Urban Chestnut's Schnickelfritz Bierschnaps

It turns out a contagion induced armageddon is a lot longer and more boring that it always was in the movies. Anyway, as a result the bar is pretty low on what it takes to get me excited these days. 

A one time limited run of a spirit rarely produced in the US, made from a distillation of one of my favorite local beers, Urban Chestnut's Schnickelfritz, cleared the bar of piquing my interest quite nicely. Why drink a whole beer when I could have it distilled down to a shot? What a time saver!

Urban Chestnut had curbside pickup so the transaction was smooth and without risk of cooties. Hank wanted a bottle as well, and I am the greatest friend of all time.

Bierschnaps is just fun to say.

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