Saturday, September 12, 2020

A Tiny Drive-In

These days we don't leave any park unturned. Today we explored Clayton's Shaw Park. I don't know if I've been here before, which is kind of funny because I've been to Clayton a zillion times and barely noticed this place. Part of the reason is that it's kind of in a valley that you have to walk down into from the city. Once you're inside it has this secret garden effect where you feel cut off from the rest of the world.

Fuzzy Wuzzy caterpillar humps along,
Humps along, humps along.
Fuzzy Wuzzy caterpillar humps along,
Out to see the world.

There was some disturbing art happening in the park as well.

The time had come to send in my passport and get a new one so I took pictures of all of the pages just in case they didn't return it. This workhorse has been through some tribulations. It's gotten to the point where TSA agents will make comments on its shabby state.

While I'll be happy to get some new threads, I will be sad to lose all evidence of my last 10 years of exploits.

I love a good drive-in theatre, and it turns out I love free ones even more. They were playing Hocus Pocus outside in the parking lot of a movie theatre in Wildwood so we made the trek. We could mostly see the screen but we had no sound so I just... pulled up the movie on my phone.

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