Saturday, July 27, 2019

Lawn Mower Mayhem at the St. Charles County Fair

A work friend of mine has some connections at the St. Charles County Fair and comped us some tickets. Our friends Viry and Lolo are new around these parts and we thought they would especially enjoy this double shot of Americana.

This was country even for me. I've never seen a riding lawn mower demolition derby before. They were so serious about it here that there were multiple different rankings with... better lawn mowers before the game moved up to full sized cars smashing each other.

A lady passed out and had to be carried out from the stands. Some might say from heat stroke but I would say from freedom stroke.

Lolo had his first corndog.

The local fire department was on hand to extinguish the numerous fires. The fires burned hot like the United State's love of avoiding the metric system.


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