Friday, July 26, 2019

Going Savage in St. Louis

Every once in a while when there's a particular reason to celebrate we go to a fancy restaurant. This time we chose Savage.

The menu had a nice little blurb:

"The heart of Savage Restaurant is defined by the dramatic shift in culinary landscape that we've witnessed over the years. The biggest shift has been a look back into the past for ingredients and techniques to coax out flavors and textures with less manipulation and through more natural processes. The wine world has followed this movement with efforts to use less modern machinery in the vineyards and minimize intervention in the winemaking process. The results in both have brought excitement, challenges and purity to the dining experience. Flavors of savoriness, tartness, earthiness and a little bit of "funk": the offspring of natural, less temperature-controlled fermentations have expanded to what we consider normal flavors and textures. Much like the children from the original Willy Wonka film as they entered the gates to the chocolate factory, we gaze wide-eyed into the present and future possibilities of ingredients flavors and textures by the new vanguard of culinary and wine professionals. All of our beers, wines, and ingredients have been inspired and cultivated through years of travel, education, and personal experience.

"The strawberries taste like strawberries. The snozzberries taste like snozzberries! - Willy Wonka"

But none of this really matters unless you're having fun. So stop reading and start drinking."

I liked the layout of the place. All of the seating is in a big square around the kitchen where the chef and his helpers scurry around. I was excited because I'd read that chef-owner Logan Ely liked to cook with ants and other insects. I got there and asked my server what the bug courses would be and she said none. "Chef doesn't want to get pegged as a bug guy". Cool.

So you buy a set course menu without knowing what they are. Which is fine because I like surprises but then it's difficult to remember what the heck every was. It was fun anyway.

This was a beet chicharone.

I think this was yeast puree.

I thought the little Willy Wonka picture in the bathroom was a nice touch.

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