Wednesday, May 01, 2019

High Life at Miller Park

Decided to hit a Brewers game after work today. Gotta make every Milwaukee day count.

The hotel room had a magnifier mirror thing which was nice because I've been wondering what it would be like to have a giant nipple and now the mystery is solved.

I didn't want to have to deal with parking the rental car in downtown on a game day and I couldn't really anticipate exactly how many brews the Brewers would enduce me to imbibe, so I figured a shuttle of some sort was the way to travel. Nearby Mo's Irish Pub Wauwatosa had one. Boom.

I made friends with some baseball bros. We had some pretty deep, meaningful conversations that for some reason I can't recall.

The Brewers were playing the Rockies. Neither team was the Cardinals which was sad for everyone involved.

I was initially going to get the cheapest ticket available but they skillfully upsold me to the club level for $22. I was happy with my investment. 

It turned out that the club level was baller.

There was free tea, water, and coffee.

Workers were pushing around carts full of fancy snacks that the people in the suites could buy.

I was pretty impressed with the bathrooms as well. The sinks were really ornate, for example.

Miller Park has a retractable dome which was pretty exotic to me.

I was wondering how they would handle indoor fireworks in case of a homerun, and it was revealed to me. They pretty much just shot them sideways.

Why is beer not dispensed this way?

When it came time stuff my face I looked for the Wisconsinest food available. I found this badass Wisconsin steak and cheese sandwich featuring applewood smoked cheddar on a pretzel bun. It was really good.

They even melted the cheese right off of a wheel with a heat lamp before slathering it on the sandwich in a pro move I've only seen once before at a Berlin Christmas market.

After the game I sampled a little nightlife. A friend of mine who lived in the area recommended I visit Scaffidi's Hideout. 

It was a nice little dive.

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