Sunday, January 27, 2019

Hanging with the Sea Lions at the Saint Louis Zoo

I like going to the Saint Louis Zoo when it's cold out because then there aren't any humans around ruining my animal time. Sure it limits which animals are out and about but I'm willing to make that sacrifice.

I knew the penguins would be partying so we headed there first. Their enclosure is fun because there are lots of them playing around and doing penguin things. Unfortunately it also encloses their smell.

We popped into the birdhouse right when they were being fed. It was a hoot watching all the weird things the birds did while impatiently waiting for their lunch.

This guy's bill was so giant he had to turn his head sideways just to get the food out of his bowl.

The great hornbill has a weird lookin' horn indeed. It looked sort of like a fake papier mache thing up close.

The sea lions are by far my favorite. I think maybe they feel neglected or bored or something due to the lack of people around so they are super excited to play. I wish I could throw treats over the side.

These two were really funny, they were biting each other's tails and spinning around in a circle. After watching them and playing with them for a while they felt a lot like dogs that just happen to live underwater.

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