Monday, September 04, 2017

Illinois: The State so Nice it State Fairs Twice

I was at my parent's house in Springfield, the capital of the great state of Illinois, and I cracked open the ol' newspaper to read about the local goings on. Inevitably there's some state budget crap in there so I continued to read on with a sigh. The article mentioned that Illinois was having issues paying for the upkeep of its two state fairs. And I was like:

Who knew we had another state fair?! Why has this been kept from me? Is there another state capitol? Another dashing John Milito? Once I calmed down I vowed I would seek out this imposter fair to ensure that it was not as good as the one true Illinois State Fair!

I knew we would need provisions on the long journey to Du Quoin, Illinois, den of lies. I had a little something on hand from Australia for my parents to try so it worked out.

My understanding is that some dude decided to make his own private fair. It went on for a while but then couldn't support itself, so some genius decided the state needed another smaller state fair.

Parking included a tractor ride to the fair entrance.

I would describe it as a pretty solid county fair sort of place.

There were only a few permanent buildings on the grounds but they were magnificent retro art deco buildings.

The grandstand was really cool. I wanted to go inside just to take a look at the architecture.

The capybara is the largest living rodent in the world. And the DuQuoin State Fair is the largest scandalous imposter Illinois state fair in the world.

It was a nice trip but we all know that this imposter fair has got to go. There can only be one!

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  1. I am able to tell them I am aware of what they're doing. I would absolutely suggest them on your next upkeep!