Saturday, August 26, 2017

South East Craft Beer Fest

Zoe won tickets to the South East Craft Beer Fest so we made the drive over to Columbia, MO for some fun times. We've been on a low carb thing for a little while so we had to make a tough decision between beer and our health goals. We chose beer.

I honestly was not expecting this to be so awesome. I thought it would mostly be Missouri beers that I'd already tried but this was a lot of wild stuff from all over the place. Green chili beer stands out as one of the weirder ones.

This one had Icelandic moss in it. One of my favorite kinds of moss.

I guess this one was supposed to taste like pico de gallo. I didn't know at the time but Golden Road is an Anheuser-Busch company. They make all kinds of cool flavors.

PiƱa Agria was a pineapple sour that I was digging.

Birks on birks.

It was fun times.

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