Friday, March 31, 2017

Fancy Frenchy Hats

The Saint Louis Art Museum has periodic special exhibits with noteworthy pieces and/or noteworthy artists. On Fridays they are free if you get tickets beforehand. They'll let you get 6 of these magical free tickets per person, so Lydia and I invited our whole kickball team to the majesty of Degas, Impressionism, and the Paris Millinery Trade. Surprisingly the ten spots filled up pretty quickly. I hadn't realized we had so many fans of the 1800s Paris hat-making industry on our team.

This exhibit was pretty cool because it had multiple mediums on display.

I tried a couple of them on. Photo by BK.

This was a satirical caricature of how crazy women's hats of the day were becoming.

Photo by Katie G.

I've become a fan of Toulouse-Lautrec's advertisement posters to the extent that I think I may need one on my wall. It's starting to look like an Applebee's in here though... Oh well.

Well since it was the last Friday of the month it was also SLAM Underground which is when the hip kids go to the art museum and mostly ignore the art in favor of fun activities.

Mardi Gras mask making? Sure why not.

"We all wear two faces. What counts is what they mask." - Batman

The after party was at 2nd Shift Brewing.

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