Friday, March 17, 2017

Dogtown St. Patrick's Day Parade

Confusingly St. Louis has two St. Patrick's Day parades every year. The first one I think is always the Saturday before the actual day. We had a lot of fun walking in that and hurling green beads at people. Well at today's parade we just watched and enjoyed ourselves. Lydia's college friend Katie was visiting so it was a good way to entertain her.

The second parade, actually on St. Patrick's Day, takes place in Dogtown, St. Louis' Irish neighborhood.

I snagged a corned beef sammy from a street vendor. It was sort of weird.

Afterward we stopped at the nearby Hi-Pointe Drive-In that opened recently. Our friend Lainey got this awesome looking shamrock shake that I was kind of jealous of.

We stopped by Trueman's Place in Benton Park and met up with some more friends. Irishy good times were had.

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