Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Royce' Magic Japanese Chocolate

The Seagos were out of town for a week and I made sure their cat wasn't dead one time and so I was duly rewarded.

Royce chocolate is a killer confection that I had a few times in Japan years ago and honestly had since forgotten about. Even when Lydia and I popped over to Tokyo I didn't even think to look for it. They used to sell it in Tokyo's nearby Narita airport and if you bought it it was so important that it be kept at a constant low temperature they would pack it with dry ice. Apparently it can now be acquired on the US west coast.

As I've only ever eaten it in Japan I never bothered to decyper the label. This package's label was in sweet, sweet English though so I read it like a champion. Interestingly, the first ingredient is fresh cream.

The box comes with a little tool for separating and stabbing the little chocolate cubes.

 The fact that I shared this rare deliciousness with any other being means I am well on my way to sainthood.

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