Saturday, August 13, 2016

Illinois State Fair 2016

We were on our way to Springfield, Illinois to go to the State Fair, but first I dutifully went to get my parents some cookies from Dad's Cookies in South St. Louis.

To be honest I'm not blown away by the cookies themselves but the experience of buying them was pretty killer. According to their website this location has been baking cookies since 1938. The cookies are sold by the pound, and are kept in these large garbage-can looking containers. The scale they use is the old timey kind where you put a one pound weight on one side and keep adding cookies until it balances. They then put the cookies in a brown paper bag and wrap it in twine. It was an experience that I would definitely recommend.

In Springfield on a fair day the first decision is where to park. I have a spiritual problem with paying for parking whenever it can be avoided but my parents sprang for paying a local school to park in their lot. The fair is pretty much the one time when having space in North Springfield is profitable so more power to them. Above is just a random parking sign that I liked.

Pretty high on our list was Cozy Dogs and lemon shake-ups so we got that taken care of ASAP. Those things are so good. Springfield invented the corn dog on a stick, but we don't like to brag.

Lydia was jelly that Lincoln wanted to be my best bud and not hers. Haters gonna hate.

We went to the Republican tent and pretended that Trump wasn't a joke long enough to get some free stickers and take a few pictures.

The Grandstand is where the concerts are held. On the ground floor they have a good size exhibit on the history of the fair that I like a lot. Tom had a few stories of people dying terrible deaths on the fair grounds. The above exhibit was about the animatronic characters that used to populate the dairy building. I have fond memories of them so it was a bit sad to see them in the dust bin of history already. It was a lot like the nightmare-inspiring creatures that used to live at Chuck E Cheese, but with more cheese promotion.

It's hard to argue with a confident claim like this one.

A year or two ago Springfield reenacted Lincoln's funeral procession, and even had an awesome replica horse-drawn hearse built for the ocassion that was on display. Springfield loves it some Lincoln.

Illinois: home of the blue ribbon winning chocolate cheese. Chocolate cheese: the most delicious way to get diabetes and heart disease at the same time.

Back in St. Louis, Paul McCartney was playing at Busch Stadium. It was so loud and so.. outside that there was a considerable number of slackers who were just hanging outside and enjoying the music without paying. God bless them.

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