Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sunrise in Forest Park

Our internal clocks were still all messed up from our epic flight from Abu Dhabi so we got up crazy early. We decided to take advantage of this weird situation and go see the sun rise at Forest Park on what turned out to be the Summer Solstice.

We didn't really have this planned out and so were in an inopportune spot when the sun actually rose. We got a few good pictures anyway.

Forest Park was quite different this early in the morning. For one thing the few hiking/biking people present were all very chipper and polite and said "good morning" as they passed by.

The other interesting thing was that since there were hardly any people out yet the animals had free reign. We saw a young raccoon, some cool birds, and several turtles going about their important animal business.

Near Art Hill is the 41-foot-long Friedrich Jahn Memorial. Why the heck this is in St. Louis I do not know, but Jahn was the German father of gymnastics.

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