Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Ghetto Plane to America

After the decadence of France and Monaco, my flight across the Atlantic was pretty nasty. To be fair I spent a very low 20,000 American Airlines points on this one way flight from Nice, France all the way to St. Louis, so I can't complain too much.

Ok time for some complaining. The plane was so old... the plane was so old that when it was made there was no history class. It was so old, its birthday candles cost more than the cake.

It was old.

It was like a land before time, when one tiny CRT television was supposed to entertain fifty people, and when there are inexplicable ash trays in the bathroom.

The armrests had a freaking analog dial to change the audio channels. I halfway expected to hear some radio jingles about how doctors recommend Lucky Strike brand cigarettes.

I was like, screw this, I'm watching a movie on my computer. Thankfully the plane was like 80% empty so I just moved to a seat with power. Every third row had ONE power outlet. I reached down to plug the plug and there was just an empty circle where an outlet should be. I figured it was broken so I tried another row, and it too was just an empty slot. I asked one of this ghost ship's attendants what the deal was and she said very matter-of-factly "they are car charger outlets." Of course they are!

Lucky for me she was nice enough to go and get me an adapter. It was serious though. It was huge and it made noise when plugged in.

Well the plane was hilariously out of date but it got the job done.

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