Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sleeping in Airports

Blah this day is never ending. I think it will be more than 24 hours on planes and in airports by the time we get to Brussels.

We started off in scenic St. Louis Lambert Airport and things went pretty well. I'm happy to report we seem to have shaken the all seeing stink eye of the TSA. No secret shakedowns like the last time we flew out of this airport.

One thing that was notable was the airport was completely packed with army personnel. I looked up an insignia chart on wikipedia and we passed the time by playing enlisted rank I Spy. Maybe ten pretty mean looking sergeants were patrolling keeping everyone in line. It was serious.

Artist's depiction of Lambert airport.

When we popped out of New York's LaGuardia airport we had a taxi take us to Nick's Pizza in Queens for a bite instead of zooming straight to JFK.

The next taxi guy asked us where we're from and I replied St. Louis. He then asked whether that was the name of a city or a state. I asked him how long he'd lived in the US? Ten years.

The line through security was brutal long. It's especially bad because we have the fast pass PreCheck thing but since this flight was on Aer Lingus, no dice.

Aer Lingus was not as magical Irishy as I had hoped. It was pretty green I guess... and some of the announcements were in Gaelic in addition to English. That was about it. The food was the same "chicken or beef" stuff you're used to.

We arrived at Dublin airport about 4am local time. Fine. Well our next flight was supposed to be at 6 to get us to our first real destination: Brussels. Well for reasons unknown I don't believe the flight I booked even exists today, and instead we are leaving at noon local time, for a total of 100 hours stuck at this damn airport. 

Adding to the fun is I have a bit of a cold, so my head is all stuffy, so my ears aren't dealing with the changes in air pressure very well. Passers by probably worry about me. I'll be sitting talking and suddenly jump in surprise and pain as one of my ear drums decides it wants to explode.

We had some airport breakfast which was pretty good.

Lydia hit the yogurt bar and created this concoction.

I couldn't resist the full Irish breakfast. And it couldn't resist me. I should write romance novels.

Aer Lingus planes sporting an ominously unlucky 3 leaf clover.

Rocking that Irish/English all over the place in this airport. The airport does have decent food, and the Burger King sells beer, and they have free wifi. There are worse prisons.

We've had ample time to review the souvenir shops. Lydia is on notice that if I don't find a better shirt than this by the end of our trip, I'm grabbing this glorious thing on the way out.

I think I understand why St. Louis' hobos are always drinking so much. Turns out sleeping on floors and benches all day is kind of a bummer.

On the bright side this purgatory shouldn't last much longer, and then we can finally check out Brussels!

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