Saturday, June 28, 2014

Moving to Neosho

By the time the movers showed up, Lydia and I had laboriously packed up all of our junk and were pretty much ready to roll. Neither of us had used movers before, and let me tell you, it was money well spent. I also feel a little too old to guilt my friends/family into helping anymore so it worked out. Once the U-Haul was full we hit the road towards Neosho, Missouri.

Why Neosho? Well Lydia got a job teaching in Monett, MO and I am taking classes in Bentonville, AR and Neosho is about equally in the middle, giving us both about a 45 minute commute. Not terrible.

As you can see, it's about as far as you can get from St. Louis while staying in Missouri. The closest city of any size is Joplin, most famous for getting rocked by a tornado in 2011. As you can see we are now within striking distance of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and I'd throw Texas in as well. I'm excited about the road trip possibilities!

Well luck would have it that we just happened to be moving to town on one of the biggest festival days of the year, Celebrate Neosho.

Once the second set of movers had finished unloading we hopped into the car and checked things out.

We live right on the town square, which today was hosting a classic car show.

There's one of those cool faded "ghost signs" right next to our place.

We ate lunch at a little place on the square, Mudd Puddles. The owner said they were going to be closing soon, despite it being about noon. She was going to close up shop and then sell food at the air show. Yes, there was also an airshow!

Well the airshow was how I keep describing lots of things in Neosho: small but nice.

I was excited about the homemade rootbeer guy.

There were a few vendors and little rides, but the focus of the event was clearly in the sky.

One little thing they were doing was a contest between two pilots to see who could land closest to a line on the runway. It was really a great weekend and an excellent way to start off our new Neosho adventure!

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