Sunday, June 29, 2014

Exploring Neosho

In between unpacking boxes we took a few walks around town to see what we could find. Big Spring Park is walking distance from the apartment and happens to be really nice.

The spring just magically flows out of the rock. It's pretty cold water, so it's nice to walk next to on a hot day. It really cools the air down quite a bit. In fact, according to the never erring Wikipedia, "Neosho" is Osage for "clear, cold water". In typical Wikipedia fashion, I got sucked in way father than I anticipated, and learned all about Osage. The last native speaker died in 2005. Bummer dude.

Here's the same view of the little spring from the May 26, 1941 issue of Time that featured quite a lengthy story about Neosho.

We followed the water, and so does the park. It was a lot larger than is initially evident.

I think that Neosho's most famous resident must have been George Washington Carver. He went to grade school in fabulous Neosho. Lucky dog.

There are several vacant storefront on the square. Lydia and I like to imagine what sort of business we would like to open on the square. It's hard to decide my vote, but right now I'm leaning towards pool hall.

There are several outdoor murals around town. There is some sort of a walking tour I believe but we just happened to stumble upon this one.

One of our primary methods of gathering intelligence on awesome things to do is now posters in store windows. That's what we've been reduced to. We are planning on checking out the Missouri State Fair. I think that only then Lydia will truly understand the glory of the Illinois State Fair.

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