Saturday, July 13, 2013

Gonna Set My Soul On Fire

Lydia and I arrived in Las Vegas at about 4pm and even in that short time it feels like we saw a lot. We are currently staying at the Mirage on the Strip, and in a few days we will switch to Treasure Island. Of course we are getting a different promotion at both hotels, plus it's just boring to stay at the same place the whole time.

Memorable moments include Lydia leaning on a railing to watch a volcano show in front of the Mirage, then being warned by a stranger much too late that the railing was swarming with ants, and now so was Lydia. She did the whole "oh my god I'm covered in ants" routine. You know the one.

My friend Longo from college happened to be in town so we met up for dinner. Fun times! 

I have a lot of pictures and no time to explain them, so take a peek if you like.

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