Sunday, July 14, 2013

So Get Those Stakes Up Higher

Today we set out to see just about every casino on the strip by foot. It was an ambitious goal. We had been warned by the shuttle driver from the airport that "places on the strip are a lot farther away than they seem". I wouldn't be surprised if we walked 15 miles in total but I'd say it was well worth it. Most of the casinos had their own little attraction to check out.


One of the Bellagio's little attractions was the world's largest chocolate fountain. It was cool but not what we were expecting as it was behind glass. I think Lydia was looking forward to dipping a strawberry or her hand/head in it.

There was a pretty awesome sculpture on the ceiling of the hotel lobby which we are pretty sure is a Chihuly.

Paris is predictably dominated by its giant Eiffel Tower reproduction.

Arc de Triomphe with a giant inflatable Smurf inside. Makes sense.

We stopped by the four story M&M's World to check out the free 3D movie. It was worth the few minute wait for sure.

" the Fatburger."

"I got my grub on, but didn't pig out."

Luxin' out front of the Luxor.

MGM Grand

Caesar's Palace

New York New York looked awesome on the outside and pretty boring on the inside. Too bad.

I may or may not have played a couple slot machines. I liked the ones with the cool licenses and high production values. 

The award for most action packed goes to Batman. The seat vibrated and had speakers in the headrest. It was like being in a movie that wants to take my money.

I think one of Lyddy's favorites was Clue. You get to pick which character you want to be and interact with the other people playing.

I thought that the Judge Judy machine was pretty hilarious.

I really should have been a lawyer.

We then took a bus to the downtown Las Vegas area. The highlight there is a giant tunnel/screen that plays cool music videos over the awed spectators below. I like the area because of all the old school neon signs.

The world's largest gold nugget at the Golden Nugget.

At the end of all that walking we were ready to have the big fancy casino buffet that we had both earned. The problem was it was at the Rio which is off the strip. We waited quite a while for a shuttle there that ended up being too full for us to board, so we just walked. That walk along was a mile and a half at least. We tried to cut through Caesar's Palace but ended up just adding more frustration. We arrived at the Rio very tired and hungry. Unfortunately we then had an hour wait just to get in the restaurant. We were pretty ragged.

When we finally got to our table I immediately got to work crushing crustaceans.

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