Saturday, April 11, 2009

Night Time in Tokyo

The afternoon of the fish market trip was a good opportunity to show Angelica some of the parts of Tokyo that look cool at night. I think the first place we went to was Akihabara.

Angelica is semi-secretly a huge nerd, so she really enjoyed all the light-flashing and gadget-selling that goes down in Akihabara.

We checked out what is probably my favorite store in Akihabara: Super Potato!

Super Potato is so super and has so little to do with potatoes that it blows my mind. Its awesomeness is barely contained in the top three stories its building. The top floor is devoted to old school arcade games. The other two floors are packed with retro home video game stuff.

In addition to the games themselves, Super Potato sells lots of plush toys and other related merchandise.

They even had a store demo display of the Virtual Boy, also loving referred to as Permanent Retinal Damage Boy.

One of my few purchases was Popeye for the original Nintendo. Angelica is unnaturally good at it.

Sure, we went to other places, but it all feels downhill after the Potato.

Hallowed halls of Geekdom.

The next place that I thought would be nice for night time was Shibuya, so it was train ridin' time.

We discovered the milk that comes in cans is delicious.

I thought this ad at the station was pretty funny. It's hawking tea with a big fat white samurai. Golden.

The area just outside Shibuya Station is cool because it is so flashy and crowded. When the walk light comes on, every direction can walk at once. Pedestrian mayhem!

Outside the Hachiko Exit, there is a little statue of Hachiko, a dog that loyally waited for his dead master for a really long time. Touching. The spot is now a famous place to wait for things. I was just waiting to go back to Super Potato.

We had a nice dinner in Shibuya before retiring.

The place was notable because all ordering was done via touch screen. I had to focus my powers in order to find what I wanted.

The best food EVAR is edamame, steamed baby soybeans with salt. Now you know.


  1. so.. Am I a semi-secretly huge nerd? hehe Please bring some of the delicious milk!

  2. You read it on the internet, so it must be true. Sorry about that.

  3. Have to agree with you on the edamame, especially with beer.

  4. I know, right? They have got to be good for you, too. Something is wrong with the world when Illinois is about half covered in soybeans but I can never find them fresh at the supermarket.