Monday, April 20, 2009

Capsule Inn Akihabara Closing

I got an email from the only capsule inn in Akihabara today.

Dear Mr.Milito John

Along with the real estate redevelopment project of the vicinity region,
Capsule Inn AKihabara has decided to cease operations as of Tuesday,April 21, 2009.

Thank you for your patronage for twenty years since 1989.

At Kyoto in December 2009,
Capsule Inn Akihabara is completely reborn to the hotel of the novel style.

Let's meet by all means in Kyoto next time.

「9h」nine hours

I was sorry to read that because I really enjoyed my stay there. I guess it's nice that they bothered to inform their customers, even if the email was authored by Yoda.

You know, I feel a bit strange when I watch the Daily Show. It is supposed to be a comedy show, right? Then why is it when I'm watching I feel like I've found a rare source of straight talk on television? Next are a couple of clips with Elizabeth Warren, chair of the congressional oversight panel on TARP.

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  1. John Stewart is a pretty smart guy. And damn funny.