Saturday, March 07, 2009

Rising Fame

If I'm in too many more magazines I'm going to need to hire an agent. Why is it that Ashikaga understands that I should be famous while my hometown doesn't? Hehe. Maybe I should start a fan club.

I appeared on the back cover of what I believe is the Ashikaga International Association newsletter(?). Anyway it's called Symphony and it gives the public what it wants, in depth interviews with John Milito. That's all I need to know.

Along with my 100-word little blurb, I attached a shot of me at the sumo match in Nagoya last year.

I wasn't given much instruction on what I was supposed to write about, so I just whipped up something general.

Greetings from Fukui-cho,

My name is John Milito and I am the ALT at Yamabe Junior High School. This is my second year teaching in Ashikaga, and what a great time it has been. I've met lots of interesting people and done plenty of memorable things.

This year, I have two goals. The first is to develop my Japanese language ability. Someday I hope to reach fluency. In addition, I want to pursue one of my interests: travel. Living in Japan makes traveling to other countries in Asia fast and inexpensive. I hope to explore more of the world before I return home.

Thank you, Ashikaga, for this opportunity.


John Milito

Reading it now doesn't exactly fill me with pride, but I did what I was asked.

Next is the December issue of Ashikaga Magajin.

I was in it for the same reason I was last year, having an awesome costume at a Halloween party.

Over the past few weeks I have done lessons with elementary school kids at 5 or 6 different schools. Last year I only did a lesson at one, so I was a bit surprised by the increase. The kids are really cute and fun so I really enjoyed the experience.

The problem of what to do with your hands in a picture is thoroughly addressed in Japan.

"Maury, my fear of mustard and pickles is ruining my life!"

My friend Sam recommended a fun little online geography game to me. It's called Globetrotter XL. Check it out here.

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