Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Curse of the Colonel Lifted!

I previously reported here about the "Curse of the Colonel". You might recall that some Hanshin Tigers (a Japanese pro baseball team) fans threw a statue of Colonel Sanders into Osaka's Dotonbori River while celebrating the Tigers' Central League title win. That was in 1985, and the Tigers haven't won the title since, prompting claims of an evil, secretly spicy sort of curse.

Well a Mainichi Daily News article from yesterday reports that the "Colonel's upper body, minus the hands, was discovered on Tuesday evening by divers checking for unexploded bombs as part of riverside pedestrian walkway improvement works. The figure's legs and right hand were discovered Wednesday morning." Is the curse lifted? Or do his remaining hand, feet, and glasses need to be retrieved as well? Only time will tell. If the picture of a ghostly, cursed, handless and legless Colonel Sanders torso rising from the depths of a river doesn't strike fear into your heart I don't know what will.

"The Osaka Municipal Government, which is responsible for the riverside, is holding the statue and will consult with Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan on how to handle it." I'm really glad to hear that the government has this delicate issue under control.

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