Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ebisuko Festival: Colorful!

Last Thursday I was treated to a festival that I hadn't ever heard of before. Ebisuko. It was enough of a departure from previous festivals I've been to that I made a little video about it. Enjoy.


These plastic masks are a mainstay of the Japanese festival. They cost like 8 dollars a piece, which is a bit ambitious for something that probably cost a nickel to make.

These were pretty good. Just a grilled salted fish on a stick. Can't go wrong with that.

Here's another shot of the fishing guys. I wanted to be sure to show the cool little masks that they were wearing.

Another shot of the otakara.

I'm pretty sure that people tie bad fortunes here to make them go away.

This woman making jewelry was very mysterious.

I explained a bit about the god Ebisu in the video. Well, he is what the beer brand Yebisu is named after. I went to the Yebisu Beer Museum not too long ago, if you recall.


  1. I wonder why that woman making the jewelry is wearing that hat?

  2. I have no clue. I'm bad, but those hats always remind me of Raiden from Mortal Combat.