Tuesday, November 25, 2008

An Easy Week

This is a nice little week for me. Monday was a holiday due to Labor Thanksgiving Day. Wednesday, I had only a couple of classes due to testing. Thursday and Friday, then, the ALT crew all goes to Utsunomiya for a teacher conference. Its a good thing.

I still have yet to visit the library to find some English books as I had planned. Its on the other side of town, so I figure I should wait until I have another reason to venture that far on my poor old bicycle. Maybe I'll enlist a friend to go check it out with me. On Google Book Search, I am currently reading Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne. I am really enjoying it. Google lets me make a little library of what I've read, where I can give ratings and tags, write little reviews, and generally try to make myself look well read. I added a link to my library on the right under Interesting Links. Check it out. I think that my next purchases from Amazon.jp will be the lonely planet guides for Hong Kong and Bangkok. I've gotta get my travel research done before winter break!

Speaking of my winter break plans, it seems that there is a bit of political unrest playing out in Bangkok recently. Masses of anti-government protesters are angrily demanding something or other, while completely ignoring my travels plans. Very rude. Can you guess where they are protesting?

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