Wednesday, September 17, 2008

9/18/08 Broken Brazilian Dreams

Just a small observation.

My school has no buses. The kids aren't allowed to bring their bikes, either(not until high school). Parents seem to only drive their children to school in special circumstances, such as a handicap, injury, etc. So they walk. With close to 800 students, the backstreets are often clogged with them before classes begin. Younger children march into the nearby elementary school in a similar fashion, all wearing matching little yellow caps. I often ride my bike in the street on my way to work. The sidewalk belongs to the sunshine gang.

Only the youngest students (think kindergarten or day care) have the luxury of a bus. As the buses' clients are all little people, there are assorted friendly designs and cartoon characters painted on the sides. One that I often see looks like a huge dog, complete with molded ears on the sides and a big nose in front.


I have some sad news to announce. I was recently in Ota showing the new guys around, and I found something horrible. It seems that B-Mart, the Brazilian supermercado, has closed. It had been my only known source for real foreign groceries. I laughed there, cried there, bought olives and strange foreign candies there. They had frozen spicy chorizo type sausages that I loved. But from the ashes comes a new quest. There are a ton of Brazilians living in Ota, and I am going to find out where they shop!

They probably had a closing sale too. Nooooo!!

Nothing cheers me up like fake news. Enjoy

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