Sunday, September 14, 2008

9/15/08 Bats on Parade

On a bike ride home a couple days ago I witnessed this scene, some kind of unholy congress of bats. I don't know what they are planning, but it can't be anything good. I'm still not accustomed to sharing my reality with these animals. I had scarcely seen a bat beyond the safe confines of the zoo before I came to this place. Don't they belong in some cave in South America? Surely they are lost. I ducked a low flying one as I continued towards my apartment. They don't fly straight like birds, they are constantly diving and making sharp erratic little turns. I should get hazard pay for this.

I subscribed to The Onion channel on Youtube. It is so good. Here's one of my recent favorites.

I believe the badly pronounced Japanese at the end there means "white bird, black shadow".

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  1. I have seen bats near my house in Los Angeles recently also. The first time I can remember.

    I think their bat sonar they use means they have less chance of hitting you or anything else.