Saturday, August 09, 2008

8/9/08 Sweet Home Springfield

I've been stateside for a couple days now, and I am really happy to be back. I've been taking pleasure in eating favorite foods of mine that I've been missing, and seeing family and friends. I still have a few action packed days of Japan to write about, so I will mix those in with present day US stuff. Busy busy. Enjoy!


  1. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Hey John, it's Allie (went to your school) from the whole Ashikaga delegation thing. Somehow I stumbled upon your blog so I thought I'd leave a comment saying how much I enjoy reading it; helps me relive my time there.

  2. Allie,

    Thanks for the comment. I hope you enjoyed your time in Ashikaga. I think that your visit was more important to the students than you realize. Meeting new people is a great motivation for them to learn. One of the kids just came up to me today to tell me that they had received an email from you. Pretty cool. How's Springfield? Take care,