Monday, July 30, 2007

Colombia, now Japan!

One last account of my Colombia travels should just about cover everything noteworthy. It really is a great country, and it seems to be much safer than its reputation might imply.

Throughout my time in Colombia, I occasionally wanted to just hang out and watch a movie or play a video game. It just so happens that Colombia is the best place I've ever been when it comes to buying these two things. These wonderful people openly and proudly ignore copyright law and sell fake movies/games not only on the streets, but in legitimate storefronts. I simply walk up to a store, and they hand me a binder full of every game I can recall being made. I point, and they deliver a piece of software like magic. Magic that costs two dollars a pop.

Behold the unlawful bounty.

The best part about buying a playstation game for 2 dollars is that we already haggled them down from 3 dollars.

My theory is that this whole stealing of say, a movie, is a vicious cycle. It seems that the typical DVD sold in Colombia is imported from the US. This drives the cost to a point thats even higher than what we pay. Average Colombians cant afford to pay this, so they rely on the illegal copies. This brings down the number of legitimate DVDs sold, making each DVD more expensive to ship, continuing the process.

I was excited yet dismayed to see that my favorite "religion" had infiltrated this innocent land. I tricked Angelica into taking me into this place. Sure, it looks like a storefront, but it just happens to be selling the meaning of the universe.

The Colombian office of the coolest religion ever, Scientology.

In case you are still in the dark, here is a quick summary of the key to the meaning of life.

I arrived in Japan last night. I haven't checked out the neighborhood yet, but my apartment is pretty quality, plus a lot larger than I imagined. More on Ashikaga as it reveals itself. Later

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