Sunday, February 04, 2007

Atlanta and Egypt

My trip this weekend to Atlanta ended up being a blitzkrieg, as I don't think that I was in Atlanta even 24 hours.
The trip itself was nothing exciting, so probably not worth talking about, just boring computer stuff. The dealership itself ended up being in Hapeville, GA to be exact. Probably the most interesting thing about the trip was the Atlanta airport. During the obligatory half-lost wandering at the airport I ended up seeing Brad Sherwood from Who's Line is it Anyway. There was also a professional wrestler and his entourage waiting at the luggage merry-go-round. I don't watch wrestling, so I am unsure who it was exactly, but there were several people getting autographs. It makes me happy to think that even rich, famous people still have to put up with a lot of the crap that the rest of us do at the airport. It would have been pretty amusing to see this big badass professional wrestler forced to take off all of his gold chains, his shoes, and his cellphone, put them in a plastic bin, push them onto a conveyor belt, and wait in line for them to come out the other end of the x-ray equipment.

Tonight I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Hatem Abdelkader, an Egyptian diplomat stationed in Rome. He was visiting Springfield on a short tour of the US sponsored by the US State Department and the Springfield Commission on International Visitors. I love talking about international affairs and meeting people from other countries, and this was a great opportunity to do both. My parents and I took him out to dinner just to entertain him a bit during his very short stay in our city. He gave me an Italian leather wallet as a thankyou, which is pretty nice. I've been thinking about getting a new wallet anyway, so I was pretty happy about it. Tim Davlin, the mayor of Springfield was at the bar on our way out, so we shmoozed with him a bit too. It was nice to have a conversation about world affairs with someone from a different perspective. I'm impressed that Springfield is as involved in these programs as it is, its pretty fun stuff.

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