Thursday, February 15, 2007

Johnstown Showdown

Well, it is currently Friday, and I am sitting in a hotel room in Johnstown, NY. I think that the travel gods are punishing me for something. You see I have been pretty bummed out about the lack of free time on my trips. You know, you go somewhere cool, and you would like to have an hour or two to see something, right? Well sure enough, my free time hits me like a pile of really boring bricks in a town covered with several feet of dullness covered with several feet of snow. But I came prepared. I recently bought a Nintendo DS to battle moments just like these. So.. I've been rockin' out to some Animal Crossing and keepin' it real.

I also took this opportunity to sample one of the local brews, Genesee beer. Apparently its only sold in a few of the northeastern states, so this is a rare opportunity. The beer, on the other hand, is anything but rare. Its not bad, but it bears a resemblance to Keystone, and is along the same price range. I am, though, one step closer to having tasted every beer on the earth, so that's exciting.

One thing that I thought was interesting on the Johnstown website is a section where it outlines an interesting city ordinance. It pretty much amounts to "if you don't shovel your sidewalk by noon everyday, the city is going to do it for you and charge you for it." I imagine that could get old pretty quick.

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