Sunday, December 17, 2023

Lots of Photos and Endless Fame

The Kirkland Urban development thing near our apartment was having a Santa do some free photos and Lydia and Zoe took Big Wernie over for an appearance. We did our paid photo shoot at the mall a few weeks ago and... you definitely get what you pay for.

In observance of the Christmas spirit I won't criticize too much. It's a nice thing to offer for free especially to needy folks out there.

I think Zoe played around with the background later on to spruce it up a bit.

Ernie seems interested anyway.

My buddy British Mike was working on a cool and asked me to be a play tester. It was pretty cool, kind of a choose your own adventure book where when you meet a bad guy you then go into a Magic the Gathering card game mode and fight it out. It was a fun experience. As a thank you they mailed me the finished product once they had finished.

It's up on Amazon now and it's fun to see the breathless marketing they conjured for it:

"Explore new lands, battle monsters, and uncover secrets in this imaginative reinvention of the choose-your-own-path adventure game - complete with an interactive gamebook and 52 combat cards.

You've never seen anything like the City - a vast metal mechanism, hovering above the plains of the Continent, crackling with magical energy. Its ancient mechanisms once regulated the ebb and flow of arcane power; but now its clockwork is failing, wrecked by a saboteur who moves in the shadows. Can you survive a journey across a land racked by chaos to reach the City, and find a way to restore order? Draw action cards, annotate interactive maps-and carve out your own, unique path in a land of endless destinies!

• EMBARK ON A NEW TYPE OF QUEST: This innovative narrative experience brings together the thrilling story arc o­f a choose-your-own-path adventure and the exciting play style of a modern deck-builder card game.

• EXPLORE AN ORIGINAL FANTASY WORLD: The gamebook is artfully written by poet and author Corinna Keefe; and beautifully realized with full-color book and card illustrations by Paula Zorite.

• CREATE A UNIQUE PROTAGONIST: Use the bespoke character sheet to design a champion like no other. Equip powerful items and take advantage of a unique "leveling-up" system to choose new cards for your deck, developing incredible abilities.

• EXPLORE INTERACTIVE MAPS: The skillfully illustrated maps in the gamebook allow you explore new areas freely. As you discover new rumors or make significant changes to places you visit, you will annotate and rework each map.

• CALL THE SHOTS: Every time you make a decision, your journey will branch down a different path. Are you noble or morally ambiguous? Choose the quest that calls to you, for good or for ill ...

• NO DICE NEEDED: Don't place your destiny in the roll of a dice. Instead use combat cards to choose your battle.

• HOW-TO-PLAY VIDEO AND DOWLOADABLES INCLUDED: Don't like reading instructions? Follow the QR code instead to access an easy-to-follow gameplay video and handy downloadable content.


I got a mention in the credits in the front of the book! IMMORTALITY IS MINE

We made up for that questionable Santa thing with some home photos in matching jammies.

I thought they came out pretty spiffy.

My ex boss Roger from Microsoft is cool enough that we still hang out even though we're no longer coworkers. He invited me over to his house for a holiday party and it was a whole lot of fun. These might be the rowdiest people I know in the state of Washington. They even had a make your own ramen bar which was baller.

I already had my jam jams on so I just wore them out for maximum jolliness.

Friday, December 15, 2023

Fun Hair and Jammies

Big Ern woke up today with some fantastic hair.

He's a pretty big fan of my socks.

Ern just rolled in to school in his jammies today.

Lydia be shoppin.

Thursday, December 14, 2023

A Young Artist

Ernie has an awful lot of fun at school while I'm at home slaving away. Must be very nice.

Ern gave us a gift he made at school.

Not too shabby!

Numerous Gifts

Today at school Ern did an art project where you put paper in a container and cover marbles in paint then shake them around to make a picture? I think that's how it works.

Ernie is such a messy eater that they seem to be stripping him before they serve meals.

Big Ern got more packages from his grandmothers today.

He got some toys from Lydia Gram and 

a fun Christmas ornament from Johnny Gram.

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Panforte Per Me

Today the Milito boys had some play time while Lydia snoozed.

Lydia's been sharing one of her favorite foods with Ern: yogurt.

Today's highlight was some panforte that arrived in the mail. I mean, I bought it and I knew roughly when it was coming, but it was still exciting. Panforte literally means "strong bread", which refers to its spicy peppery flavor.

There was fruits and nuts. It was essentially a little fruit cake that had been enrobed in cioccolato.

The WNDR Museum Seattle experience we had with our friends Shubra and Sumit had become an inside joke about how underwhelming and overly expensive it was. So I was not at all surprised when I heard that it had suddenly packed up shop and left town.