Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Pizzelles for Everybody

I got on to some Maker's Mark bourbon ambassador list that doesn't involve too much excitement but I do get a gift from them each Christmas. This time it was come cool bourbon socks.

We bought a pizzelle iron.

And I dazzled Lydia with the cookies of my people.

We even had a family recipe on hand. I need to make these a few more times to see the difference between all the variations.

Later on we checked out some of the lit up fancy houses in Webster Groves.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Candy Cane Lane Redux

We do a lot of walking anyway so we figured we'd hit Candy Cane Lane again but this time on foot. Then we could get some good exercise and see the lights at a more leisurely pace.

We booked our first international flights since the fall of civilization to the Maldives. It's a bit of a gamble that we will be vaccinated by then and that the country and airports in between will all be open. One reason we picked the place is that they've been pretty lax all along so there's less worry of them re-closing. I was happy to put a pin on our map in anticipation. The trip isn't until July so there's plenty of anticipating to go around.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Missouri State Parks: Armadillos and Petroglyphs

I never saw a weekend that didn't need a park or two in it.

Eat-Rite had a new owner come in and rescue the place and fix it up, but it looks like the pandemic has killed it all over again.

First up was St. Francois State Park.

Moonshine stills once flourished in the area known as Mooner’s Hollow. It doesn’t have anything to do with buttholes.

I learned it’s pretty difficult to take a picture of a pre-roadkill armadillo. It had its little snout down and was rooting around in the leaves, I assume looking for bugs to eat or a car to get hit by.

Rocked out with the petroglyphs at Washington State Park.

In native mythology, the thunderbird controls the upper world and throws lightning(here as arrows) at the underworld creatures and creates thunder by flapping its wings.

I always like to check out the local towns after a hike. I like the balance between natural and urban. De Soto, Missouri was now on deck.