Monday, December 14, 2020

Skipping Down Candy Cane Lane

Candy Cane Lane in St. Louis Hills was impressive both in its Christmas-lightiness and the fact that it had escaped my attention for so many years.

My first indication that Candy Cane Lane was anything more than just a couple houses screwing around was when I started seeing dedicated traffic signs for the event.

I guess the event started in the early 2000s as a friendly competition between neighbors over who could have the most insane electric bill. They raise money for charity too.

Professional sand sculptor Dan Belcher carved this bad boy. In an interview he said that this sculpture would take about three days to complete depending on the weather.

Back home we continued our holy work on the 2020 Christmas Movie Challenge. I was excited to dust off the laserdisc player and put my collection of gigantic Japanese media to work. Sadly my copy of Bill Murray's Scrooged had a crack in it and so was a bust.

My copy of Christmas classic Die Hard lived up to its name, however. Lasers!!

This was our eventual damage done to every Christmas movie that we decided was worth seeing.

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