Saturday, April 28, 2018

Karaoke Birthday Party

My birthday is a magical time when I can use my dictatorial birthday powers to compel people to have fun times that they might otherwise poo poo.

We did a little prepartying with some beer pong at the apartment.

Kevin broke my bobblehead last party so I have immortalized his crime.

I bought Lydia and myself some amusing clothes from the Hunter collection at Target.

Asia just does karaoke better than we do. The W Karaoke Lounge on the University City Loop was a really glitzy, baller version of a karaoke box place where every group books their own private room.

The downside with Asian karaoke places is their songs are mostly Asian. The English collection wasn't huge.

Everybody was real jelly on my jacket.

We sang and sang until the machine told us to leave.

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